Attract a Straight Guy? Are Bisexual and Gay Guys Ready?

Did you know that often bisexual and gay guys are better able to attract straight guys than women? Well, to tell you the truth, it may be simply because the bisexual and gay guys do not come with the additional burden of responsibilities that girlfriends or women seem to carry. With bisexual and gay guys, a straight guy can be sure that there is no pressure of marriage. A man to man relationship can grow even more if both men have girl friends. They can talk about their girl friends during their dates and even talk about their sexual likes and dislikes with men and women.

Well, if you are trying to attract a straight guy, there are several things that you might want to ensure to be successful.

-In general, it might be important to note that if straight guys are inclined for a bisexual or gay relationship, they surely want to get over with it quickly. So, it is best not to send signals for wanting a long lasting relationship if you want to attract one. Remember, while conversing with a straight guy, you can show your sexual desire but do not expect a long term action from him. If you do show him a more desire for sex with him or if you want to attract him for a lasting relationship, be prepared to be dumped at any point of time. They just don’t take it too far with this!

-There are several ways you can attract a straight guy. You could catch him after a hot workout at the gym or try a fast hook up on the internet. Just remember that straight guys are often involved in a non-serious relationship with their sexual male partners only. Often, they look for another guy merely like an emotionally meaningless diversion for quick sexual satisfaction in a state of distress or sex deprivation.

-While it is may be easy for men to attract a straight guy, remember that sending the correct cues is the key to finding the right mate. Otherwise, your action may look weird and end up into possible embarrassment. This could ruin your position with the guy. You may look highly unattractive to him and lose his interest in you completely. You don’t want that, do you? So, be careful with your action and words while trying to hook a straight man. Remember that your action and body language speaks a lot about you.

-Another thing that can help you attract a straight man more easily is the fact that straight men have no “worry” about being seen in public with a bisexual or a gay. Even though hanging out with a guy may look more “gay”, it is not necessary that he will be assumed to be a gay himself (which of course he would avoid being looked at as). You could simply be work or play buddies hanging out together in free time. So, the straight guys are way off the additional social issues when seen in public with a guy and this can work in your favour.

-While you are trying to attract a straight guy, it may be better to be cautious about guessing the positive responses from them. You do not want to take him home and end up in a situation when you freak him out as you unzip your pants. This may cause a great deal of embarrassment leading either of you into psychological illnesses, self hatred and denial. So, it is best to take it easy whenever you are trying to attract a straight guy. You may even be able to attract one who is by being sober and knowledgeable.

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The Preferred & Not Recommended Words Used In Your Private Online Dating Profile

A lot of the people want advices about their dating profiles, use and not to use when crafting something from scratch. Interestingly, there’s a fair amount of data and research surrounding language and online dating, and I find it both incredibly useful and fascinating. Plus, if it helps you connect with that hottie you keep on seeing online, it’s worth it, right?

1. Use Negative Words
The most surprising of all the data I found on this topic, this information says that online daters using negative phrasing get more replies than the folks focusing on the positive. Users with disappointment in their profile received 158 percent more first messages and were involved in 195 percent more deep conversations than everyone else. Other key words with high response rates included dishonest (150% more messages), flaw (106% more messages), and weakness (103%). Words like laid back (9% more messages) and cute (2%) more messages, obviously didn’t have the same impact.

2. Use Descriptive Words
A study in mid-2014 found certain descriptive words as “more attractive” by different genders. A woman using the words, “physically fit”, for instance, had a 21% increase in men contacting them, whereas men using the same words found an increase of 69%. Other words that showed statistical significance were sweet (46% for women), ambitious (64% for men), and funny (21% for women and 34% for men)

3. Use Specific Language
Into zombies, going to grad school, or have tattoos? These type of specific hobbies and interests get a significantly larger number of messages, and also reply significantly more than the average. Make sure to use these key, specific words in your dating profile, and then also use them when sending a message, when appropriate.

#Not Recommended
4. Don’t Use Netspeak
BiCupid used to publish lots of wonderful research showing what to, and not to do, with regards to online dating profiles. One of their biggest takeaways when it comes to messaging someone? Avoid netspeak at all cost. Words shortened make typing easier (like u for you, r for are), turns singles off like little else. An average reply rate at BiCupid is 29% (meaning, 29% of all messages receive a reply), yet messages using the word “ur” (as opposed to you are), get a response rate of less than 9%.

5. Avoid Any Mention of Physical Features
PinkCupid focuses on the actual messaging as opposed to creating a dating profile, yet the language is just as important. When messaging someone, people who use words that refer to attractiveness or physical traits get significantly less replies than people who compliment in a more general manner. Cool, awesome and that’s fascinating all range from a 34-45% reply rate, whereas sexy, beautiful or hot garner anywhere from 14-30%.

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What To Do If Having A Bisexual Spouse?

Having a bisexual spouse is not that terrible. Sexuality is not always a cut-and-dry matter. Sometimes a man or a woman could marry a heterosexual spouse, yet still maintain homosexual or bisexual feelings. Well, about 20% of marriages involving heterosexuals and gay or a bisexual spouse that have made it through the storm. So, contrary to what some believe, it is possible for mixed-orientation marriages to thrive. But how can they do this, especially considering the situation?

Well, first off, being bisexual doesn’t mean they have to sleep with everyone they come in contact with. Sure, they may meet a person that they’re very attracted to, but they can still forgo temptation in hopes of keeping their marriage together. In fact, this scenario is very common among heterosexual couples. Despite being married, men or women may find other people sexually attractive. However, they don’t act on those feelings because they know it’s wrong.

But in a mixed-orientation relationship, the temptation could be stronger. That’s why both parties need to explore why the bisexual spouse feels this way. How a couple does this will depend on their personal preferences and religious background. Strong religious mixed-orientation couples may try to use conversion therapy to forego homosexual temptation. Others may actually allow the gay spouse to have homosexual relationships outside of the marriage.

I personally don’t agree with either of these approaches. Well, the religious approach may make the gay spouse feel bad about themselves, while the other approach advocates affairs(a game that often carries both physical and emotional consequences). Ultimately, I believe that if a person is considering having an affair, gay or straight, they need to get out of the marriage.

On the other end of the spectrum, I do believe that the gay spouse’s sexual feelings need to be addressed. Porn and/or erotica can help in this endeavor because it doesn’t result in any romantic attachments. Sex therapy may also help address these issues, especially if the heterosexual spouse feels they are unable to satisfy their partner. But once these feelings manifests into physical actions with another person, there are bound to be problems, which is why I would say stay away from that avenue altogether. While it is acceptable identifying oneself as a bisexual spouse, it is not acceptable to break one’s marriage vows.

True love can never end up with the appearance of a bisexual spouse. You can get through it and go on with your marriage if you’re confident with your relationship!

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Where You Can Find Bisexual Women?

You are attracted to her but are confused. You think she may feel the same way about you, but she is coming with another man. Is she bisexual or just being friendly? This is a typical question that troubles many lesbians or bisexual women who are looking to date other bisexual women.

#1 Your preferred choice should be an online dating site (such as BiCupid). Here, you will find women who will indicate their sexual orientation on their profiles and let you know at first hand whether they are bisexuals or not, which will save you the embarrassment of walking up to a girl in a bar or somewhere and asking her whether she hooks up with both men and women. By the way, if you have difficulty in selecting a suitable site to join, here I suggest you should view some dating review website first.

#2 Many women, whether lesbian, straight or bisexual tend to feel comfortable in the company of gay men as they know that they will not be harassed. A gay bar is therefore another nice place to meet bisexual women. If you already have gay friends who frequent a particular bar, you could use their help in pointing out a bisexual woman for a potential date.

#3 Attend your next LGBT gay rights rally where you are likely to meet bisexual women. This is a great platform for championing gay rights, with the added bonus of meeting a potential love interest. What you should keep in mind is to be honest and upfront and ask her if you are in doubt about her sexual orientation.

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Lady: Do You Know How To Flirt With Bisexual Women Or Lesbian?

As is known all, when and how to flirt with a charming woman can be a little tricky, especially if you’re new to the lesbian and bisexual community. Considering the feeling of someone flirting with you, mostly you enjoy the attention and feel pleased even though the person doing the flirting is not your type. So they will most likely feel the same way when you throw subtle flirts their way. Just muster up your confidence and have a try.

Flirting can be obvious (such as walking up and making conversation) or more subtle (such as shifting your body toward her while flashing a faint smile). Lesbians particularly enjoy flirting of the eyes. Though every individual may be different, women who are attracted to women generally seem to flirt in a more subtle way than men.

In fact, flirting is an observation art of human behavior. Here are some common techniques that women flirt with other bisexual, bi-curious women or lesbian.

-Starting a conversation with her
-Complimenting her
-Locking of eye contact
-Glancing down at her lips while you’re talking
-Smiling at her (learning to smile with your eyes)
-Standing or sitting closer as time passes by
-Leaning toward her
-Biting your lips
-Twirling or playing with hair
-Touching her on the arm or leg to make a point
-Picking lint off her clothes (even if it isn’t really there)

If you’re going out on the town and you’re ready to get your flirt on, try these tips to get yourself prepared. The first step is to look and feel good before you get out of the door. Get dressed in something which makes you feel confident about yourself. When you arrive, make sure you hold your head up and walk with an air of confidence. Loosen up and smile. Get out and mingle. Talk to people and flirt when you feel an attraction. See if they respond in kind. But when all else fails, just still walk up and say hi, my name is XX, what’s yours? If you end up in a happy conversation, that’s great. If not, you were being friendly and that’s always nice. This simple approach works better than you might think.

Keep in mind that most women you bump into in a bar or social setting are going to be sitting there waiting for someone to approach them. They probably haven’t read your guide on how to flirt with women. Be bold and show your attraction.

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Ready For Your First Time Sex With Another Bisexual Woman Or Lesbian?

Most of us will feel little nervous when we have our first sex experience with another bisexual woman or lesbian. My suggestion is to take a little time and just take it easy and nice. The following are some tips to make your first mutually rewarding.

1. Get to know yourself. Take some time to ask yourself some questions. What turns you on? What are your fantasies? What gets you off? As you touch yourself keep in mind what turns you on. And tell your partner what you like so that she’ll know how to please you.

2. Get to know about women. Yes, even if you’re a woman you should spare some time to learn about other types of women. How do they think? What are their fantasies? What turns them on? Go to Google these matters to make out the way to have sex with a lesbian/bi woman. After doing that, you’ll be amazed at how much you can learn from the online resources.

3. Get to know the lesbian dynamic. Well, woman on woman sexual experience is very different from that with a man. Women tend to make deeper emotional connections with their partner. So there tends to be more kisses and cuddles. The sex is intense and passionate but also very loving and close. The form of Sex between women can diversify a lot. For example, some women prefer clitoral stimulation while others like being penetrated. Some prefer genital massage while others prefer oral. There are as many ways to make love for a lesbian as there are lesbians. Take the time to know what drives her crazy.

4. There’s no right or wrong way. Lesbians and bisexuals can have sex in any way they like for mutual pleasure, just based on what they want and what makes them feel good. Get creative and explore your partner.

5. Safe issues. Keep away from alcohol or drugs in your new sexual experience. If you must have a drink to loosen up then that may be OK but be very careful. Your overindulgence might ruin the moment or even the possibility of a relationship if that’s your aim. At the same time, it is also a big concern to get to know your partner. Women are also capable of violence and they can give you a STD. So safe sex must be discussed before having sex.

6. Relax yourself and just take it easy. Take the time to get to know your partner before you hop in the sack for mad passionate sex, especially if it’s your “first time out.” It’s probably best to leave your sex toys and kinky stuff out for the first few times. Sure you can talk about it, but keep it simple at first. Explore each other slowly, kiss, nibble and work your way slowly undressing her and showing your appreciation. Press your body against hers. Everybody has different erogenous zones so take it slow and explore with your fingers, mouth and body. Make a mental note each time she reacts in a positive way. You may want to get back to that later. All the things you learn during this foreplay stage will get both of you primed and ready for the next sex part.

7. Ask her questions and communicate. It’s OK to talk to her while you’re exploring her body. If you have any doubt, just ask whether she likes it or not. Then she’ll let you know and may probably be glad you asked. Tell her where you like to be touched and what turns you on. Be sure to reward her with moans or words of approval when she does something you like. At the same time, she’s exploring you to get your motor purring. The communication has to work both ways.

Most likely you’ll do OK after your first lesbian experience. You two may not have orgasm at the first time, but what’s more important is that you get intimate, touch skin and give way to your sexual desires. Just remember that sex between two people is something that should get better through time and experience. Talk about it, think about it and practice makes perfect!

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6 Misunderstandings About Bisexuals

Now same-sex marriage is accepted legally in the US and the whole North America, but how about the bisexual? In fact, there has been bi-phobia not only in heterosexual community, but also in homosexual community. That is probably because people don’t know much about, or understand bisexuals. There are many misunderstandings needed to be clarified about bisexual.

#1 Many Bisexuals Are Confused About Their Sexuality.
In fact, bisexuals are not confused about their sexuality. They just happen to be attracted to both males and females. Maybe some young people are confused in general mostly because of the societal pressures to be heterosexual. As these young bisexual figure out who they are, they will know instinctively which group of people they are attracted to.

#2 Bisexuals Have To Love Both Genders Equally.
While bisexuals are attracted to both men and women, they are not necessarily attracted to both genders equally. It’s almost like a percentage, with 50%/50% being a person attracted to both men and women equally.

#3 Being Bisexual Means Having A Male And Female Lover At The Same Time.
While bisexual people may be with both men and women over their dating career, most bisexuals don’t feel like they should be with both genders at the same time to feel fulfilled.

#4 Bisexuals Are Promiscuous.
Bisexuals are just as likely to be promiscuous as hetero- or homosexual people. Their sexual orientation has nothing to do with their sexual life style. Bisexuals are just as likely to be monogamous as anyone else also.

#5 Bisexuals Are In “Transition.” – On The Way To Be Homosexual.
Most people who are bisexual are set in, and comfortable with their sexual orientation. There have been a small number of gays and lesbians coming out as bisexual because the stigma of being homosexual. This offends bisexuals because it helps to maintain the misunderstanding.

#6 Bisexual People Boast More Privilege Than Gays And Lesbians.
The misunderstanding can be true or untrue depending on the circumstance. When a bisexual person is with, and especially marry a different sex person, they will receive the benefits of heterosexual privilege, but these benefits won’t happen when a bisexual person is with a person of the same sex.

Bisexuals are a wide and varied people. Some own same sex partners and some have different sex partners. Some fit the stereotypes and misconceptions of what people think about bisexual people, but most do not. They want to be understood and accepted, and the first to towards that intension is passing the misunderstandings around bisexuals.

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